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ZUG1033 - Business calculations

15 Credits


This module aims to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and attributes of first year business students. Students will learn about the following topics: mathematical preliminaries, the straight line and applications, simultaneous equations,

non-linear functions and applications, financial mathematics (arithmetic and geometric progression, simple and compound interest, depreciation and net present value, data analysis (introduction to statistics, descriptive statistics and probability).

Undergraduate – Module

Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester(s)/term(s) in which this module is offered.


  • Second Semester 2021


  • Perform basic mathematical calculations with algebraic expressions and fractions
  • Illustrate the straight-line function in modelling a wide range of concepts in economics and business; such as the demand, supply and cost functions
  • Use different methods to solve simultaneous equations analytically and graphically and apply these methods to the analysis of equilibrium in the goods, labour and money markets
  • Use different types of non-linear functions in economics and business
  • Calculate the arithmetic and geometric sequences and series and apply them in financial mathematics
  • Explain the role of statistics methods in today’s businesses


  • Within semester / term assessment: 40%
  • Examination: 60%

Workload requirements

Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this module is 150 hours typically comprising a mixture of scheduled learning activities and independent study. Independent study may include associated readings, assessment and preparation for scheduled activities. The module requires on average three/four hours of scheduled activities per week. Scheduled activities may include a combination of teacher directed learning, peer directed learning and online engagement.