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Summer School 2018 - Accelerated Foundation Programme

Why study the Foundation Programme?

  • Have you taken a gap year?
  • Did you receive your Visa after July?
  • Did you receive your school leaving results after July?

You can now apply and enrol for the Accelerated Foundation Program Summer School and be on the fast track to success!

This normally one-year programme, offered by MSA, provides a pathway between your highest qualification and the MSA entry requirements for undergraduate studies, if entry requirements are met.

Start on 29 October 2018 and progress into your Undergraduate studies in March 2019. There are two semesters of six weeks (Summer Semester A and Summer Semester B) in which to complete the Summer School and all the requirements of the programme must be met within this time.

Our Summer School intake offers 5 study streams. You can choose from Law, Social Science, Business and Economics, Information Technology and Health Sciences.


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