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STUDY ABROAD - Tips for parents

Tips for parents

Our exchange programmes will provide your child with the opportunity to travel, meet new people, encounter different cultures, and thrive in a new learning environment.

All our partner universities are top universities with many support services for your child. Someone from the host university will collect them from the airport to drop them at their new accommodation.

Financial information
If your child goes to any of our partner universities they automatically qualify for a travel scholarship. Depending on their host university, the amount of such a scholarship differs.

Study Abroad

Students are required to organise their own airfares to their host country, their own visa, their own accommodation at their host university, as well as spending money during their time abroad. The travel scholarship can definitely help with these costs. Students will continue to pay their MSA tuition fees as per usual, even during their time abroad.

How we can help you
Our role at MSA is to assist your child with their application and to provide course planning, so that they will complete the correct units overseas. We then send the application through to the host campus and await a response from them.

The host campus is responsible for sending out an offer to your child and will deal with any further information required prior to arrival. If your child applied to go to Monash Australia or Monash Sunway (in Malaysia), our office is responsible for enrolling the student.

Staying in touch with your child
Luckily in this day and age there are many ways to remain in contact with your children while they are on exchange. Their Monash email address will remain active during their exchange and the Study Abroad Officer at MSA is always available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Skype is a great way to stay in touch, as is Whatsapp or any other communication app on your phone.