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Study Abroad - Past exchange student testimonials

Past exchange student testimonials

Tatiana Raojee – Monash South Africa to Prato, Italy
“I attended the Summer Semester in Prato, Italy for three weeks in July 2016. I felt I should venture out somewhere new and exciting. I got so much help from the Study Abroad officer at Student Services throughout the application process.

My experience has been simply amazing, I had the opportunity to explore the culture of Italy. The classes were extensive, but had a great amount of activities incorporated in them! My favourite part of the programme would be all the hikes we participated in. A massive three-course feast awaited us after the exercise and the amazing views. I was the first and only South African student to have ever participated in this particular programme, which was a challenge. However I instantly connected with five other girls and we decided we would spend the weekend in Cinque Terre in Italy. We actually ended up renting an AirBnB boat for the two nights. It’s an experience I will never forget! I would absolutely recommend this programme to other MSA students!”

Justice Munzvandi – Monash South Africa to Monash Australia
“I went on exchange to Monash Australia, to the Clayton campus. I wanted to have a new experience, and learn about other cultures and people and their diversity. That’s one of the reasons I chose Australia: it’s such a connected country with people from all different cultural backgrounds.
It has been such a fun and interesting experience, coming from an African country, going into Australia. I have especially enjoyed meeting new people and seeing more of Australia and its beautiful landscapes. I would recommend this programme to everyone, as it’s such a good international experience to have!”

Josslyn Downing – Monash South Africa to Monash Australia
“I have always wanted to participate in an exchange programme. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and this was such a great learning opportunity for me. It was actually one of the main reasons I applied to study at Monash South Africa!

I lived in Sydney when I was very young, and have always played with the thought of going back one day. What better way to re-experience Australia again as an adult, by coming here on exchange? I have been able to experience much of the Australian culture, as well as meet many other international students to share my experiences with.

The difference in everyday language use between Australians and South Africans is something I find really funny. It took a while for us to understand each other and this has caused quite a few laughs during conversations. What we call robots, are traffic lights in Australia; when we refer to braais, they call them barbeques.

This has been such an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend it to other students. I have learned so many invaluable life lessons and this has added so much to my academic career!”

Gugulethu Manyathi – Monash South Africa to Monash Sunway, Malaysia
“My exchange to Malaysia has been nothing short of a spiritual experience. My mother passed away in 2014 and the assets she left our family afforded me the opportunity to pursue a second degree at Monash South Africa. The minute I heard about the Study Abroad programme I knew this could be a dream come true. I have always perceived my time in Malaysia as a spiritual pilgrimage.

I used to easily conform for other people, not used to dealing with my own emotions. The courage that my exchange to Malaysia has given me has allowed me to get to know myself and what I stand for. By the time I return to South Africa I will have spent nine months in South East Asia.
I have had the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka, and visit Hong Kong. Every morning when I wake up on the 21st floor of the Sunway Monash Residence, I get a boost and see the beauty that has been placed in my life.

I have loved the beauty of travelling and learning in ways I never thought possible before. I am now much more effective in playing my part to bring love and healing to this world. My life has changed forever, and I will never be the same again!”

Deena Robinson – Monash South Africa to Monash Australia
“I really wanted to experience a different way of life, but didn’t want to interrupt my studies. So this was the perfect opportunity for me! The reason I chose to go to Australia was to see if this is a country I could potentially move to at a later stage. I have an Australian friend that lived in South Africa for years, who always spoke so highly of Australia. I really wanted to experience all of that myself, at a more intense level than as a tourist.

This experience has been nothing short of incredible! I absolutely love the way of life and the people. I feel this experience has been so beneficial to my maturity levels and growth as a person. Being on my own has forced me to come out of my shell and make an effort to get to know people. People in Australia have been so welcoming and helpful, it’s been great to meet so many people from different backgrounds.
As much as I love the public transport in Melbourne, it’s also been a challenge. I once got on the wrong bus that took me at least two hours off my intended route. Because of that I missed quite a bit of the orientation programme. I became the butt of jokes of the orientation and
Study Abroad co-ordinators about living up to ‘African time’.

I would definitely recommend this programme to all students! It has been so beneficial to me and I honestly think I’ve gained so much independence, as well as a new sense of self-discipline. The people you meet on exchange, both international and local, can become your friend so quickly. You share an experience that is invaluable!”

Georgia O’Sullivan – Monash University Australia to Monash South Africa
“I really wanted to experience living in another country and have always been interested in African Studies. Therefore Monash South Africa was a great choice! The application process was simple and streamlined and I felt very supported by the MSA Study Abroad Officer.

I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience and met so many new friends. Living on Res at MSA was so much fun. Some of my favourite memories are from our ‘family’ dinners every night! I would absolutely recommend going to Monash South Africa on exchange to everyone.”


Tatiana Raojee


Gugulethu Manyathi
Gugulethu Manyathi


Georgia O'Sullivan
Georgia O’Sullivan