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Study abroad: FAQs

Where can I go on exchange?
Monash Malaysia Sunway & Monash Australia (in Melbourne) are all part of the Monash family, and they offer great incentives to go on exchange.

Through MSA you also have access to the Monash partner university network.  Students studying an MSA-specific programme have access of our Laureate partner universities, for which more and more opportunities will come up every semester. Keep an eye on this page!

Please note that you can only go on exchange to campuses that offer subjects that fit within your course map.

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When can I go on exchange?
You can apply to go on exchange if you have finished the first year (8 units) of your undergraduate degree at MSA. If you started your first year in July of any year, you must complete 1.5 years of your undergraduate degree before you can apply to go on exchange. You need to have a 60% overall average for your units to be eligible, although for some partner universities higher averages are required, and you need to finish your final semester at Monash South Africa.

Foundation Programme students cannot go on exchange. They must first complete their Foundation Programme certificate and will become eligible once they have completed the first year of their undergraduate degree at MSA.

Unfortunately Accounting students are not eligible for the exchange programme, as Accounting is country-specific and during your time abroad you would miss out on core units at MSA, thus being unable to complete your degree.

If you are enrolled in an MSA-specific programme (e.g. Bachelor of Commerce in Law) we are looking for new exchange opportunities within the Laureate Network for you, as you are not eligible to go on exchange to our Monash partners.

Can I go on exchange during my Honours year?
Unfortunately you cannot go on exchange during your Honours year as you are required to complete your research at MSA.

When should I start the application process if I want to go on exchange?
That depends on when and where you want to go!

When?Monash Australia & Monash MalaysiaMonash Partner UniversitiesLaureate Partner Universities
Semester 1 1st September (previous year)15th April (previous year)TBA
Semester 2 1st February15 November (previous year)TBA

That means you need to submit ALL your documents to the Study Abroad Officer before that deadline. That includes a course planning session with the Study Abroad Officer, which must be done prior to this deadline. The weeks leading up to the deadline get very busy, so make sure you plan your session early. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted.

What must I do/complete in order to go on exchange?

You must come and see the Study Abroad Officer for a course planning session to ensure you take the correct units overseas in order to complete your degree in time. Do this at least a few weeks before the application deadline, otherwise there may not be time and you will not be able to go on exchange for the time period requested. Application documentation will be provided for you on when coming through for course planning.

Can I go on exchange during my Master’s?
If you are doing a course work Master’s you might be eligible to go on exchange. Please book an appointment with the Study Abroad Officer before you enrol in your Master’s or when you have just started your first semester to ensure we kickstart your application in time.

You cannot go on exchange if you are completing a research Master’s (e.g. M.Phil).

Can I do more than one exchange programme?
Yes, if your course plan is approved by your school at MSA as well as your host campuses, you are able to go on more than one exchange programme. You still have to complete your final semester at MSA and you are not allowed to go on exchange for more than two semesters.

Will my degree cost more if I go overseas?
No, it won’t! All you need to do is continue paying your normal MSA fees in South African rand (ZAR). If you pass all your units you will complete your degree in the same time you would have, should you not have gone on exchange.

What are the costs involved?
You will be responsible for your travel and living costs. Only your tuition fees are unaffected.