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If you have taken an Uber ride recently or proudly watched South African Elon Musk introduce the new Tesla electric car, you will know that we live in a truly global world.

This is certainly true in the world of higher learning, where the best institutions integrate into global networks to help expose their students to global trends, international cutting-edge research and best practice, and even allow them to travel while they study.

It is also true of employers, who welcome graduates with international experience and the ability to flourish in different environments.

Study Abroad

We are proud of our global networks, which span campuses across the globe. These networks are available to you, as a student of MSA, and you might be able to travel to one of our partner institutions to study as part of your MSA degree. Monash University has campuses in Australia and Malaysia, a centre in Italy, as well as partnerships with over 100 universities worldwide. Through our amazing Laureate network, MSA has access to even more partner universities and every year more exchange opportunities are explored and added.

Hear from some of our students, who have taken up this opportunity:

“This journey has made me into a better person. I learned so much about the entire region,” says Gugulethu Manyathi of her academic exchange visit to Malaysia.

“I recommend this to any student who wants to overcome any insecurities that they have. It has been so beneficial to my maturity and growth as a person!” says Deena Robinson, who opted for an exchange semester to Australia.

“Three weeks of summer study in Italy was amazing,” says Tatiana Raojee, who travelled to Prato in Italy for her exchange trip. “The classes were extensive and we had many wonderful activities with local students.”

We also regularly host students from other partners in our global network. Georgia O’Sullivan, who studied at MSA on her exchange trip from Australia, says: “I have always been interested in African studies and MSA was a great choice! The application process was simple and I felt very supported by the MSA Study Abroad Officer.”

Exchange opportunities are available for many of our programmes. The most important aspect of the exchange application process is course planning. You will have to make sure the units you want to study fit within your course map and that you adhere to the minimum requirements to obtain your particular degree. It is important that you make an appointment for a consultation Study Abroad Officer before applying to go on exchange, as each student’s enrolment is unique and needs to be evaluated separately.

What do we assist you with when you plan to study abroad?

  1. Personalised assistance with enrolment
  2. Assistance with on-campus accommodation
  3. Airport reception
  4. Separate orientation programmes
  5. Social activities and excursions
  6. Full access to most exchange campus services
  7. Emergency assistance
  8. Support while abroad
  9. Potential travel scholarships

To check your eligibility to go on exchange please check the Outbound Students information. You can also send us an email with your questions or to book an appointment with the Study Abroad Officer.