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Volunteering is an important part of student life at Monash South Africa. We care about the community we live in. Volunteering began organically as a movement by the students themselves.

Volunteering is about partnering with, and strengthening ties to, the community in a meaningful way. When you choose to volunteer, you gain valuable, career-enhancing skills, build confidence and develop friendships and networks which may prove useful when the time comes to look for a job.

Monash University Student Volunteer Programme

The Monash University Student Volunteer Programme (MUSVP) is a student run community engagement initiative - organised and run by students. MUSVP began as a way for students to engage with and empower local communities.

Established in 2007, the programme was initially geared towards helping children from local economically-disadvantaged communities by pairing them with Monash student-tutors. Since it began the programme has grown steadily. We are now the largest volunteer organisation on campus with over 400 active members.

You can involved with

Monash run programmes

Our Community Engagement office also runs a number of volunteer and community aid programmes. With us you can intern with Oxfam, help disadvantaged kids in the community as part of our Saturday School programme or tutor and mentor students from under resourced schools in disadvantaged areas - for younger grades there is Saturday School, and for senior grades there is the weekday Ulwazi Program. For more information please visit Community Engagement or send us an email.

Getting involved

Ready to start? We're always looking for new volunteers and supporters, so if you would like more information about our programmes, or want to talk to us about a cause you're passionate about, please visit us at the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space or log into the volunteer gateway or send us an email.

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