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Disability support

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There are many different types of disability. Vision, hearing, communication/speech, physical, intellectual and mental impairments can all present unique challenges - both for people living with the disability and those who support them.

We aim to provide a well managed and smooth transition into university life for any person living with a disability. We will give as much support as you need or want during your time with Monash.

We believe that people living with a disability should be treated with respect, dignity and freedom of independence. To achieve these aims we offer:

  • ongoing emotional, psychological and physical support
  • confidentiality of personal information
  • regular communication with your school or department to ensure your needs are being met
  • continuous assessment and monitoring (where required) of your well-being by ensuring our campus is optimised for your need - including ramp access, lifts etc.

We encourage all students living with disability to talk to us about how we can help make your time with Monash easier, more comfortable, happy and successful.

Make an appointment

The Wellness Centre is situated at the back of Building F next to Seminar room 11

The clinic is open Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 14:00
Counselling services are available Monday – Friday from 08:00 – 16:00

Appointments can be made by calling +27 11 950 4117, or by visiting the Wellness Centre in person.

Emergency Contact Details

In case of emergency on campus call the MSA Campus Protection Services.

Control Room: 

011 950 4444

Main Gate:       

011 950 4099

Head CPS:      

011 950 4178


011 950 4140

Netcare Krugersdorp:

011 951 0200

In an emergency, there is always someone to talk to. If you are in need of assistance afterhours or prefer to consult with someone off campus. Please contact the provider below.

Emergency help lines

Lifeline National Crisis 0861 322 322

Stop Gender Based Violence Helpline 0800 150 150

AIDS Helpline 080 0012 322

Police 011 795 1960 / 10111

Ambulance 10177 / 082911

Fire Department 1022

Traffic Department 1022


Get in touch.

Call +27 11 950 4117 or visit the Wellness Centre, situated at the back of Building F next to Seminar room 11

HIV/AIDS prevention and support

Talk to us about HIV/AIDS prevention and support.

Disability support

Disability support

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