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Monash South Africa Christian Society - more popularly known as MonChrist - is the non-denominational Christian group at Monash South Africa. We're made up of people from various church groups, and enjoy hearing from guest speakers as well as our students - who often run our services.

Our purpose is to create awareness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all students at Monash South Africa, our associates and the community. We provide a platform for fellowship and discipleship for all students to grow in the love of God.

Our community


As Christians we have a duty to improve the lives of those around us. Our members actively participate in the community by raising funds and offering support to those in need. As we have done previously, this year we will be partnering with many community groups on campus across various projects.

We actively use social media to grow our online community and connect with MonChrist members and the community. Our Facebook page has over 400 friends, and we have 60 followers on Twitter.

Our projects

MonChrist has an outreach team that have been involved in several activities both on campus and in the communities surrounding Monash South Africa.

Saturday school

In 2011 MonChrist became much more involved with the Monash Saturday School - teaching classes to school students in grades 8 to 10. Aside from tutoring in school curriculum subjects we also provide important lessons in responsibility and self-worth, aimed at increasing the number of students coming thought the Foundation Programme and into higher education with Monash.

MonChrist tuck shop

We run a tuck shop each Friday at the evening MonChrist service to raise funds in support of our projects and to make sure our members and worshippers don't go hungry.

Cleaning up

Barnswallows in Weltevreden Park is a home for abandoned, neglected and abused babies. The shelter relies on donations and funds raised through their vegetarian cookery school to feed, clothe and care for the babies.

MonChrist are passionate about every aspect relating to the development and protection of children and infants. We have provided aid in a number of ways - most recently by donating our time and a bit of elbow grease to clean the many windows throughout the Barnswallows Babies' home.

Homeless in the Park Ministries

This is a group of people that feeds the needy in their local community. We are hoping to partner with them in their soup kitchens and the "meals on wheels" project.


GenerationNOW was formed by MonChrist members, and began in 2007 as a small non-profit urban band. Our weekly performances at MonChrist services ministered the word of God through music and songs.

Since then, our band and popularity has grown considerably. We reach out to universities, churches and the neglected portions of society here in South Africa and in Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

We've recently returned from playing at 'The Stand' in Zimbabwe - an eight day music event aimed at empowering young people to take a stand against poverty and injustice while spreading God's message of hope, freedom and love.

Our team

President: Lukonde Mwila

Vice President: Joseph Hove

Want to get involved?

For further information and details about how to become part of the MonChrist team please visit us at the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space or send us an email.

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