Student life

Society of Monash Geographers and Environmentalists (SMUdGE)


SMUdGE was formed in 2009 by a group of geography and environmental science students who wanted to promote environmental consciousness within Monash South Africa.

Since then we've enlisted the help of our academic supervisor, Mr Ashley Gunter, to bring new initiatives to Monash - we've introduced a recycling system and hold events to make students and staff more aware of their impact on our environment.

Our aims for 2012

We aim to incorporate character building into our focus of environmental sustainability as a primary objective. We also and to produce members who understand the essence of conserving the environment as a key to sustainability, involving students as part of a global green movement.

Our projects

This year we're focusing on:

  • recycling
  • clean-up campaigns
  • alternative energy provision
  • safe water for Zandspruit.

Our team

smudge group

President - Tinashe Munemo

Vice-President -Stanley Ndambakuwa

Treasurer - Patrick Chidakwa

Academic Supervisor - Ashley Gunter

Want to get involved?

For more information and details about how to become part of the team please visit us at the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space.

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