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School of Social Science

Critical Thinkers Wanted

As humans we strive to understand, analyse, describe and explain the world and our position in it to make sense of our rapidly changing global culture.

A Bachelor of Social Science degree will help you understand the world better beyond your immediate experience and give you tools to both navigate and influence broader society.

You will not only receive the theoretical knowledge in your chosen field of specialisation, but you will also be equipped with important skills such as: verbal and written communication, leadership and negotiation, problem solving and critical thinking, teamwork and research.

Our academic team are highly qualified, skilled and passionate experts who conduct impactful local and international research. We also often invite world class policy makers and social information leaders as guest speakers and lecturers to broaden your knowledge and experience and help you to see first-hand what possibilities await when you graduate.

School of Social Science

The diverse range of fields you can choose to specialise in will guide you towards an array of exciting careers and we will be with you every step of the way.