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School of IT

Modern society is powered by Information Technology (IT). It’s a ubiquitous part of life, making everything easier, faster and more accessible.

Almost all items running on electricity make use of computing systems, from your home entertainment system and coffee machine, to your smartphone which you can use for banking, booking movie tickets or chatting to far-away friends.

Behind the scenes, a massive team of IT professionals keep these systems working seamlessly, while simultaneously inventing new innovative ways to make life even easier.

Our School of IT plays a part in this global community, offering degrees that give an overview of all the important sub-domains in IT – from programming and networks to databases and designing the interfaces that allow ordinary people to use technology with ease.

An MSA IT degree will give you an international outlook, while preparing you to find IT solutions to meet the challenges of living in the developing world.

Make a contribution to the rapidly changing world of technology, and help to create a better future for the billions of people who depend on IT to keep their lives running every day.

School of IT