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School of Information Technology

The Monash South Africa School of Information Technology (SIT) offers the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences, the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (Honours) and the Master of Philosophy in Computer and Information Sciences. These degrees are recognised by Monash University.


SIT’s world-class research is globally relevant but locally focused. From programming and database design to project management and human interface design, our research informs our teaching and advances our learning. We are designing systems that will give regional and marginal communities access to IT without the need for expensive infrastructure. We’re also turning mobile phones into nodes that become ‘virtual networks’ and creating e-Post-Boxes’ for communities.

We host the International Development Informatics Association, which functions as a forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of developing information communication technology solutions within the constraints of geographic and social remoteness.

Our annual workshops and international conferences are attended by specialists from all over the world.

SIT has excellent relationships with global institutions and cooperates in research with prestigious international institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Professional recognition

Our degrees are relevant and professionally recognised. The Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences is accredited by the South African Higher Education Quality Committee and the Australian Computer Society. And we’re constantly measuring ourselves against industry benchmarks and market need – our curriculum reflects the recommendations of global leaders like the Association for Computing Machinery, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Association for Information Systems.

Our community commitment

We have a strong commitment to use IT and its applications to improve the human condition in a socially responsible and innovative way. This commitment includes all aspects of the school’s mission: teaching, research and service. We encourage staff and students to partner with local, regional and international communities to achieve mutually beneficial goals. SIT is proud of our engagement with communities in many successful projects and acknowledges the contributions of our community partners, staff and students to their success.