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Laurence Shee



Tel: +27 11 950 4106

  • BA (University of Natal)
  • BA Honours (University of Cape Town)
  • MA Cum Laude (University of the Orange Free State)
  • HED – Higher Education Diploma – Post-Graduate – (University of South Africa)
  • TESP – Certificate in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (University College of Saint Mark and Saint John, Plymouth UK)
  • CALL – Certificate in Computer Assisted Language Learning (University of Oregon English Language Centre, Eugene, Oregon, USA)
Teaching Commitments
  • Introduction to International Studies (ADP 1028)
  • Academic English A (ADP 1025)
  • Global Studies ZHC1033
  • English for Academic Purposes ZHC1031
Previous Teaching Commitments
  • Laurence Shee has taught both Matric English First Language and History and was an official Examiner for English First Language in the Free State Education Department.
  • He lectured History up to and including Honours level at Vista University for four years.
  • He taught English for Specific Purposes (TESP) – Diplomatic English – in the South African Department of Foreign Affairs for ten years.
  • He ran his own Business English company, Winslow Wordsmith cc, for four years. Clients included the First Rand Group and the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).
  • He has taught International Studies and Academic English in the MSA Foundation Programme since July 2007
  • Winner: Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching award (2008).
  • Staff Cross Campus Mobility Award to Australia (2009).
  • Australian Learning and Teaching (ALTC) Award 2009 – Award Category: Programmes that Enhance Learning: The First Year Experience
  • MSA PVC Distinguished Teaching Award 2008: Teacher of the Year.
  • Cross Campus Staff Mobility award 2009 (to Australia).
  • Three letters of commendation (“Purple Letters”: 2011, 2012, and 2013) from Monash Australia Student Evaluation of Teaching.
  • Programme recipient of Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award 2009: Programmes that Enhance Student Learning: The First Year Experience.
Research Interests
  • Research interests include Zimbabwean history; figurative language in English; environmental, regional and cultural history.
  • Shee, L. (2010). Chameleon English: Constant Change. UK: Athena Press
Peer-reviewed Journal Publications
  • Title: Zimbabwe’s Revolutionary Changes in Education Policy
    Authors: Shee, L.D.A
    Date: October 1994
    Name of Journal: Vista Occasional Papers
    Volume/Issue/ pages: 3(1): 4 – 12
Book Chapter
  • Shee, L.D.A. 2011. Implementing a cross-cultural teaching and learning program for academic staff and students at Monash South Africa. In A home away from home. Snyder, I. & Nieuwenhuysen, J. Clayton: Monash University Publishing.
Conference Presentations
  • Conference: International Society for Cultural History
    Place: Istanbul, Turkey
    Date: 2013
    Invited by/ Association: ISCH
    Topic: Spirits, Shrines and Soil: The socio-cultural landscapes of the Motobo Hills, Zimbabwe
    Presenter/s:  Shee, L.
  • Conference: Histoire Culturelle du Travsil
    Place: Luneville, France
    Date: 2012
    Topic: Driving Ms. Heckford: transport rider and trader in the Transvaal.
    Presenter/s:  Shee, L.
  • Conference: International Society for Cultural History
    Place: University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
    Date: 2011
    Invited by/ Association: ISCH
    Topic: The Paradox of Freedom Park – a “Salvo” of words
    Presenter/s:  Shee, L.
  • Title: Implementing a Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning Programme for Academic Staff and Students at Monash South Africa
    Authors: Shee, L
    Name of conference: A Home away from Home
    Place: Monash South Africa
    Date: 2010
    Publication: Currently in publication
  • Title: The Aftermath of the Chimurenga: White, post-Rhodesian Introspective Literature
    Authors: Name of conference: Annual Conference: International Society for Cultural History (ISCH)
    Conference theme: Cultural histories: Close Readings, Critical Syntheses
    Place: University of Turku in Turku, Finland
    Date: 2010
  • Title: International Society for Cultural History (ISCH)
    Authors: Shee, L
    Name of conference: The Paradox of Freedom Park – a “Salvo” of Words
    Conference theme: History Memory Myth: re-presenting the Past
    Place: University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway
    Date: 2010
  • Title: The Green Bombers: Robert Mugabe’s Lethal Graduates
    Name of conference: Annual Conference: International Society for Cultural History (ISCH),
    Conference theme: Violence and Conflict
    Place: University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia
    Date: 2009
Other Professional Activities
  • Member of the Library Committee.
  • Member of the International Society for Cultural History.
  • Member of MSA’s Research and Development Committee
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