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Sub-Saharan Africa, which is the world’s poorest region, faces the largest potential deficit for water and sanitation insofar as the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are concerned. By 2015 sub-Saharan Africa will account for more than half of the global clean water deficit and slightly under half of the sanitation deficit. In order for sub-Saharan Africa to meet the targets of the MDGs, the rate of water provision needs to more than double whilst the rate of sanitation improvement needs to increase by fourfold. Yet this valuable resource is in a particular crisis as its rate of exploitation exceeds the capacity of natural ecosystems to regenerate it.

Arguably, these challenges will only be resolved within governance systems that are conducive to and supportive of integrated water management. Importantly, the challenges lend urgency to achieving good governance and effective leadership for sustainable development of water resources, especially in water-constrained economies.

The Water Research Node intends to tackle these challenges through contributing to the efforts aimed at achieving capacity for effective water leadership and research for a sustainable African future. It is envisaged that this strategic vision will be achieved through providing relevant innovative education and training programmes related to water management and governance in a research-intensive and collaborative environment.

Our projects and partnerships

Our research projects bring together the best minds in conservation, social development, research, political science and society to combine knowledge across disciplines.

  1. In September 2013, Monash South Africa joined the International Water Security Network . This Project is funded by the Lloyds Register Foundation (LRF).

    The project brings the University of the West of England, Bristol in collaboration with Monash University and the University of Arizona together to investigate issues around water security. Under the cross cutting themes of 'risks & vulnerabilities' and ‘innovation & adaptive capacity' the project investigates three primary work packages:

    1. Urban Water Security (UWE)
    2. Transboundary Water Security (University of Arizona)
    3. Water Quality Security (Monash)

  2. Insaka Benefit Sharing Consortium

    This African Centered Community of Practice for the Management of Social Ecological Systems is comprised of 5 International Universities and a local implementation agency;  South African National Parks. Each of the universities is committed to catalysing dialogue, knowledge generation and learning that influences the management of complex- social ecological systems particularly in sub-saharan Africa.

Water and the community

We work closely with selected government organisations, NGOs and other agencies to ensure our research aligns with, and seamlessly integrates into, the agendas of the wider community.

Our implementation partners include:

Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Management

Like the sound of it all? Maybe you should consider our Master of Philosophy specialising in integrated water management. This postgraduate degree will prepare you for a leadership role in the critical space between science, policy and the management of water resources.

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