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Worldwide the focus on research capacity and output is a central aspect in the discussion about the role and contribution of Higher Education to a rapidly changing world. As such, the need for new and innovative knowledge and related solutions to the ever-growing demand to address real challenges is imperative.

It is evident that a critical view is required to finding a productive balance between the need for continued new knowledge and explanations for increasing complex issues and the ability to ensure that research impacts on the everyday realities of societies. As a result of the rate at which practical solutions are needed, it seems as if the real situation is that new knowledge and relevant solutions are developing into a seamless continuum and is not so much a matter of blue-skies research and applied research as alternative approaches.

At Monash South Africa, the mission is to grow its specific research mandate and research capacity both in support of its teaching and learning focus and its drive to create new knowledge in alignment with developing appropriate solutions to real needs. This demands an innovative approach and an environment that supports the stimulating of creative processes to support academics in their effort to give expression to this commitment.

It is therefore appropriate to state that the focus remains to ensure that students will continue to get the best value from their learning experience, well informed by the latest knowledge and trends, while contributions through publications and conference participation as well as membership of interest groups and projects ensure that Monash South Africa contributes to the need for new knowledge and problem solving through applicable research and innovation that directly impacts society. Monash South Africa’s research themes pertain to 1) Growing the economy, which includes addressing poverty, unemployment, infrastructure and manufacturing, 2) Health issues 3) State capacity and role in development including social justice, inequality and leadership/governance, 4) Sustainability¬† adressing energy, water, food security and environmental issues 5) Growing through innovation and technology.

Monash South Africa therefore remains committed to playing a dynamic role in the future development of the country and the whole continent by being active knowledge creators and through its integrated approach to research, teaching and learning as well as continuous innovation.

Professor Alwyn Louw

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Annual Research Report

At Monash South Africa we are positioning ourselves to engage in high impact and quality research by drawing on our existing research capacity at this campus as well as our recognized research expertise across the broader Monash system. We are equally keen to conduct research within collaborative partnerships with the broader South African and African higher education landscape and research funding agencies.

The following Annual Research Reports show case the research activities and experience of all our academic staff.

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