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Welcome to Monash South Africa

Higher Education is globally accepted as a key driver of development in societies. Over the past decades the debate about the specific role and contribution of Higher Education in societies forced institutions to take a new look at their specific approach.

MSA commits itself to the idea of “being here for good”. It confirms its dedication to the South African and African societies and its intention to remain part of future development.

Based on its vision of contributing to the development of societies and enabling people to achieve their full potential, MSA is focusing on creating an innovative environment for students to have an optimal learning experience. The institution is continuously focusing on giving expression to its student and learning centred approach.

Students at MSA are expected to accept responsibility for their own learning. This approach is supported by a teaching and learning focus which facilitates effective mastering of both theory and application of knowledge. This prepares students for the world of work and enhances their employability and ability to contribute to society as innovative and socially responsible citizens.

Professor Alwyn Louw

President and Academic President Monash South Africa

Small classes and effective small group learning allow students to actively participate in the academic process and optimize the development of their full potential. Direct access to academic and support staff ensures that the individual learning and support needs of students are met.

MSA accepts the importance of extra-curricular activities as part of the development of students as total persons. To achieve this, active community engagement and volunteer opportunities are integrated into an active student life. Through this students get the opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the diversity of their fellow student and of their community. They simultaneously develop excellent skills contributing to their readiness to join society.

To ensure that the best possible opportunities to access Higher Education learning are created, MSA supports students to prepare for degree or diploma studies by offering a foundation programme. It further makes provision for school leaving as well as working professionals by providing learning opportunities according to specific schedules and facilitation for each group’s particular learning and personal needs.

The academic and support staff focus on ensuring continuous quality service and relevant learning experiences to students through professional engagement with industry and professional bodies, and experiential learning opportunities for students.

As an institution that is proud of its success record and remains committed to play a meaningful role in the development of societies in South Africa and on the continent we accept the role as partner to industry, society and government.

We are committed to continue to provide access to quality learning opportunities and to contribute to the creation of new knowledge and real solutions to societal needs through research that matters.

Professor Alwyn Louw
President and Academic President
Monash South Africa

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