Our campus


A safe community

At Monash South Africa the safety and security of staff and students is an important priority and shared responsibility.

On-campus security is state-of-the art. We ensure our safe environment with 24-hour campus security that includes regular security patrols, a secure electric perimeter fence with controlled single-entry access and CCTV camera surveillance.

Staff and students are issued with security access cards and students living on-campus in residences have swipe-card access to the main residence entrance and their homes.

Whether you come to Monash South Africa to study, work, live at or visit the university, our Campus Protection Services are in place to ensure your safety.

Tips and guidelines

We have prepared a number of safety tips and guidelines so that you know what to expect when on campus at Monash South Africa, and how you should deal with safety concerns if they arise. Please click on the relevant link below for advice and application forms.

Emergency contacts

In an emergency please contact the following services directly.

South African Police Service

10111 / +27 11 795 1960

South African Police Service

(Honeydew) +27 11 375 1969

Ambulance / Fire department

10177 / +27 11 375 5911

Traffic department


Rape Crisis Centre

+27 86 132 2322 / +27 11 795 1960

Contact us

If you have any security related concerns or inquiries, or would like to know what you can do to help keep our community safe, please talk to the Monash South Africa security staff, or contact Campus Protection Services.

Campus Protection Services

333 / +27 11 950 4099 / +27 11 950 4140

Deputy Head Campus Protection Services

+27 11 950 4140

Samuel Mogaila +27 83 770 2989

Antonio Chauque +27 82 869 6103

Giving back at a grassroots level

community engagement and volunteering

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