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Online Admission System

Step 1: Choose your course code

Before beginning an online application you first need to find your course code.

Course CodeCourse Title
2098Master of International Business
3660Postgraduate Diploma in Management specialising in HIV/AIDS and Health
3661Postgraduate Diploma in Management specialising in Corporate Governance
3662Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
3665Master of Business Administration (MBA)
3667Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Studies
3668Postgraduate Diploma in Water Management
3669Bachelor of Commerce in Law (BCom Law)
3676Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
4086Bachelor of Social Science
4087Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)
4307Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
4308Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (Honours)
4320Master of Philosophy in Computer and Information Science
4413Bachelor of Business Science specialising in Accounting
4414Bachelor of Business Science (Honours)
4415Bachelor of Business Science
4502Bachelor of Public Health
4520Bachelor of Public Health (Honours)
3671Foundation Programme Science Stream
3675Foundation Programme Law Stream
3670Foundation Programme Health Stream
3672Foundation Programme IT Stream
3673Foundation Programme Social Science Stream
3674Foundation Programme Business Stream

Step 2: Apply online

Monash Online Admission system will guide you through the application process.

Need help with your application?

If you need help applying for your course, course advice or have any other questions regarding your application, please contact our Prospective Students office by calling + 27 11 950 4009, send us an email or contact us via our enquiry form.