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PCO: Fly management and control

    Why study fly management and control?

    The management and control of fly pest problems in the professional pest control sphere, as well as in agricultural settings (especially intensive animal husbandry such as chicken farms, feedlots, piggeries, dairy farms), is one of the most problematic aspects of non-crop pest control.

    How will you benefit from studying this short learning programme?

    Fly control is about problem-solving and each fly control situation is different. The course will equip you to evaluate each fly control situation separately and to draw up a management plan for fly control.

    After completion of this short learning programme you will be able to:

    • Identify the most important fly pest species and be able to determine the best control method for different species
    • Evaluate clients’ premises, food processing or warehousing facility, hospitality industry premise, or on-farm, for the presence of flies and the issues surrounding the specific premises control methods
    • Evaluate potential control methods, whether exclusion, sanitation, other physical control methods, or the use of agrochemicals for their suitability to solve a specific fly pest problem
    • Be aware of the issues surrounding fly control pertaining to insecticide resistance management
    • Understand and be aware of the importance of the correct application of agrochemicals for fly control and be able to train staff applying pesticides in the correct application methods
    • Draw up a fly management and control plan for each client’s premises


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    1 day

    • Option 1: 9 October – Johannesburg
    • Option 2: 7 August – Cape Town

    MSA Competency based short learning programme

    Who should attend

    Any professional pest controller/operator or person working in the field of agrochemicals who wants to learn more about all aspects of fly management and control. The course is not only for Pest Control Officers/Operators (PCOs), but also for persons working in the agricultural environment where flies are an issue. These areas include dairies, piggeries, feedlots and chicken farms, or anywhere where intensive animal husbandry is practised. Besides individual farmers, almost all agricultural agents/distributors are confronted with fly control issues. This includes all professional pest control companies, technicians, sales people and management.

    Entry requirements
    • Senior Certificate or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with appropriate experience
    • Candidates should be actively working in the field of pest control, either in agricultural or non-crop situations
    Assessment to determine competence:
    • Group case studies during the presentation of the course
    • Written assessment at the end of the course
    About the course facilitator

    Mr M. Edwardes, holds a B.Sc Hons degree in Entomology and specialises in the field of non-crop pest control. He is a registered PCO (Act No. 36 of 1947 – P) and a life member of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa.

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