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Crop Cultivation – Citrus

    Why study Crop Cultivation Citrus?

    Citrus production is practised world-wide and has become an important commodity and a desirable food product in most countries of the world.  Southern Africa is the second largest exporter of citrus in the world, second only to Spain.  If you have joined or are considering joining the citrus industry and its affiliates then this course will give you a good understanding of the ‘why, where and what’ of citrus production.

    How will you benefit from studying this short learning programme?

    The purpose of this programme is to introduce students to the basics of citrus production while also emphasising technical aspects.  Students will gain knowledge of where citrus originated, global and local production regions, varieties and cultivars of citrus and rootstock selection.  Participants will learn how a nursery tree is propagated, how to prepare land and plant a citrus tree, the fundamentals of irrigation and the basics of citrus nutrition. A significant portion of the programme is devoted to the entomological and pathological aspects of citrus production.

    After completion of this short learning programme you will be able to:

    • Understand how the citrus industry spread from Asia to the rest of the world and how the citrus industry began in South Africa
    • Identify citrus principal production regions across the world and across Southern Africa
    • Understand the differences between the various types of citrus and understand why rootstocks are used and chosen
    • Understand the meaning of incompatibility between scion and rootstock
    • Determine the need for top-working one variety to another
    • Understand how commercial citrus nurseries mass produce citrus trees
    • Describe how to prepare new land in preparation for planting trees from the nursery, as well as how to plant and care for a citrus tree
    • Determine how and when to provide irrigation to a citrus orchard as well as how to schedule irrigation applications
    • Compile a fertilizer programme based on leaf analyses and fertilizers suitable for citrus
    • Scout citrus orchards in a scientific manner for the presence of pests
    • Identify the major pests of citrus and understand the damage caused by these organisms
    • Understand the meaning of integrated pest control
    • Identify and understand the major diseases that affect citrus in Southern Africa


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    2 days

    • Option 1: 26-27 July 2018 – Johannesburg
    • Option 2: 16-17 August 2018 – Cape Town

    MSA Competency based short learning programme

    Who should attend

    If you are new to the citrus world, joining a production unit in this programme is the ideal way to make the learning experience easier to grasp.  If you simply wish to gain knowledge as to how the citrus industry operates and be exposed to the technical operations of citrus, this programme will be helpful in gaining an all-round view and help you to understand the complexity of citrus production for the export markets.

    Entry requirements
    • Senior Certificate or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with appropriate experience
    Assessment to determine competence:
    • Learning Journal (LJ)
    • Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)
    About the course facilitator

    Mr Clive Pountney Pr.Sci.Nat. is a registered professional Citrus Consultant, holds an MSc (Plant and Soil Science), with specialisation in Citrus Production.

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