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Complaint Handling in the Agrochemical Industry

    Why study Complaint Handling in the Agrochemical Industry?

    Complaints are a reality of life and the agrochemical industry is no exception. Our attitude in the investigation and handling of complaints will determine the outcome and the continued relationship or partnership with the client. This is true whether the complaint is justified or not.

    How will you benefit from studying this short learning programme?

    The aim of this short learning programme is to provide direction and basic skills on the handling of agrochemical complaints. The programme is intended to broaden your mind-set, enabling a deeper understanding of the proximate causes of complaints and emphasising the need for a careful and systematic search for the facts, through inspection and by asking relevant questions. The training course presents the theory behind complaint handling procedures, followed by practical examples of typical agrochemical complaints and how these may have been handled and resolved. Lastly, this programme focuses on the correct measures that should be taken to minimise the likelihood of complaints and claims arising.

    After completion of this short learning programme you will be able to:

    • Have an overview of the basics pertaining to agrochemical complaints
    • Understand the basics of the Law of Contract and Delict in relation to agrochemical complaints (elementary legalities)
    • Appreciate the importance of an immediate/ timely investigation and resolution of the complaint
    • Explain the importance of taking relevant and representative photographs as well as  sampling of plant material and soils
    • Familiarise yourself with the typical documents and factual information to be gathered in assisting with an investigation
    • Acquire and apply in practice knowledge of possible causal or contributory causal factors relating to
      • Aerial and ground spray drift
      • Nematode problems
      • Herbicide/ fungicide and insecticide complaints
      • Agrochemical carryover complaints and maximum residue limits
      • Pesticide resistance complaints
      • Delivery of products/ incorrect products to farms and the ramifications thereof
      • Prevention of product complaints
      • And much more

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    1 day

    • Location: Gauteng (14 May)
    • Location: Somerset West (21 May)

    MSA Competency based short learning programme

    Who should attend

    The course will benefit all involved in the agrochemical industry, including the wider agricultural sector, agrochemical agents, company representatives and technical advisers both within agrochemical dealerships and the manufacturing sector/ product registration holders.

    Entry requirements
    • Senior Certificate or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with appropriate experience and ideally, any involvement in the agrochemical/ agricultural industry.
    About the course facilitator

    Mr Brian Kerrin holds a BSc degree in Plant Pathology and Microbiology and is a member of the Insurance Institute of South Africa and a fellow of ‘The Institute of Loss Adjusters of Southern Africa” (both by examination). Mr Kerrin has practised as a loss adjuster since 1981, specialising in the investigation of agricultural liability complaints including agrochemicals/ pesticides, seed, fertilizers, forestry, livestock, environmental pollution, wildlife, spreading wildfires and related matters (the investigation of and resolution of complaints).

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