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The choices we make are influenced by multiple factors. Take your mobile phone for example and ask yourself: What is your dream phone and why is it your dream phone? Is it because of the camera that takes off the chain selfies? Are you looking for a phone that can use certain apps? Is the size of the phone important to you? Do you consider the durability of the phone? Do your preferences in phones change over time?


Well, just like you choose a phone based on a number of factors, you will need to look at a number of factors when choosing your career path. In order to find the career path that best suits you, you may consider:


  • -> Your personality
  • -> Your interests
  • -> Your family background and context
  • -> Your aptitude


Your aptitude is your natural knowledge, skills or ability to do something. An aptitude test is designed to assess and determine which skills, knowledge or abilities are your strengths and which you are less inclined towards. The Monash South Africa (MSA) Online Aptitude Test looks at your aptitude and provides some guidance in choosing a fulfilling career.

The MSA Online Aptitude Test will give you a current profile that suggests possible career paths tailored to suit your abilities according to your current responses. Are you ready to take the test?


For a more thorough and detailed assessment  our registered Educational Psychologist Rachel Makoni can conduct tests, interpret the results and provide a detailed report on a possible career profile which will give you direction if you are uncertain.


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