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The Monash South Africa / Villa partnership in Agriculture Education and Training (AET)

Private higher education provider Monash South Africa (MSA) and Villa, an agricultural company and supplier of crop protection solutions to distributors in Southern Africa, formed a partnership in 2017, in response to the training and skills needs of all role players in the agricultural sector. In order to remain relevant, we believe that Agriculture Education and Training (AET) needs to focus on building capacities not only for agricultural production, but also to equip a broader range of professionals and practitioners with the necessary skills to engage successfully with the key nodes (links) in the agricultural value chain.

Monash South Africa (MSA) and Villa

Our strength is our ability to jointly address the shortage of both trained and experienced practitioners in the agricultural sector. The partnership between Villa and MSA represents our joint commitment to unlock value through education and skills based training. Instructional reform is the term that best embodies the aim of our partnership.

As partners in agriculture we:

  • Believe in empowering people to stay informed of developments, trends and knowledge in their areas of expertise
  • Provide opportunities for people to upskill and refocus for quantum leaps required to advance the agricultural knowledge base along the extended value chain
  • Are driving the evolution of AET on the African continent
  • Recognise agriculture as the key component of the African economy, human development and sustainable food production
  • Invest in agricultural education and training that can address hunger and malnutrition, poverty, inefficient water and energy use, unsustainable production, with sensitivity to biodiversity on land and in water
  • Broaden the AET platform for collaboration, innovation and research whilst strengthening the food value chain


For more information about Villa, please visit their website at http://www.villacrop.co.za/

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