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ZUG3039 – Manufacturing Techniques

Undergraduate – Module

Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester(s) in which this module is offered.


Business, Engineering and Technology


South Africa
On-campus block of classes

  • Semester 2, 2020 (Mainstream Programme)
  • Semester 2, 2021 (Extended Programme)

12 credits, NQF Level 7


The module is aimed at introducing students to principles associated with manufacturing processes and machine tools. This includes the criteria used in selecting the appropriate cutting technology and the mechanics of material removal processes. It discusses various methods of metal working processes and the economics of cutting and machining. Finally it describes important aspects of product design with the objective of designing for manufacture and for assembly.


On completion of the module, students will be expected to be able to:


Understand fundamental concepts of manufacturing


Understand the Mechanics of material removal processes


Apply cutting tool technology


Master the process of machining operations and machine tools


Understand the metal working processes


Apply appropriate techniques in product design


Coursework assessment: 45%
Examination: 55%

Workload requirements

The purpose of this module is to introduce the students to a variety of manufacturing processes, with the objective of enabling them to select the most suitable manufacturing process for a task at hand from several available processes.There will be a combination of lectures, that will include interactive elements. Tutorials will require students to conduct individual work (self-assessments; reflecting on learning aspects) and group work (PowerPoint presentations on aspects of the module, role-play and group discussions). Moodle, for sharing learning aids, to help students test their own knowledge through informal quizzes, and to administer short formal tests. All outcomes will be assessed by means assignments, class tests and a final examination.

Chief examiner(s)





Material Science and Properties, Basic Concepts in Structural and Machine Design, Strength of Materials under Loading Conditions


Advanced Design Concepts of Machine Systems, Strength of Material under Complex Loading Conditions