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Units by Title - S

  • AZA3744: School of Social Science workplace internship
  • ATS3314: Seeking justice: South Africa and Rwanda
  • APG4314: Seeking justice: South Africa and Rwanda
  • AZA4020: Selected topics in journalism
  • AZA4010: Selected topics in philosophy
  • AZA2495: Social and community psychology
  • AZA3301: Social inclusion internship: Working on migrant and refugee settlement in multicultural communities
  • FIT5090: Social informatics
  • AZA4445: Social issues in psychology
  • AZA4778: Social science honours dissertation A
  • AZA4779: Social science honours dissertation B
  • AZA3720: Sociological perspectives on youth culture and social change
  • AZA3380: Sociology of development
  • AZA4110: Sociology selected topics
  • FIT2005: Software analysis, design and architecture
  • FIT3037: Software engineering
  • FIT3077: Software engineering: Architecture and design
  • FIT3173: Software security
  • AZA3737: South Africa and African social justice
  • BTS1201: South Africa business law A
  • AZA3644: South Africa: Democracy and development
  • BTS2201: South African business law B
  • BTS3301: South African business law C
  • BTS2301: South African taxation A
  • BTS3302: South African taxation B
  • BTS3303: South African taxation law C
  • MGS3401: Strategic management
  • FIT2001: Systems development

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