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Units by Title - P

  • AZA3465: Personality
  • BES3120: Perspectives on global business issues
  • AZA3640: Philosophy of war and global conflict
  • AZA2625: Places and spaces: International migration in the global age
  • AZA2010: Political ideologies
  • AZA3869: Political philosophy and justice
  • AZA2549: Poverty and power: The uneven world
  • ACS1000: Principles of accounting and finance
  • AZA1035: Principles of public relations practice
  • AZA3919: Professional placement in journalism: South Africa
  • FIT1051: Programming fundamentals in java
  • AZA3462: Psychological assessment
  • AZA4480: Psychological testing and assessment
  • AZA4440: Psychology research project
  • AZA1019: Psychology: Introduction 1A
  • AZA1020: Psychology: Introduction 1B
  • AZA3360: Psychotherapy and counselling
  • PHH4101: Public health research proposal
  • PHH4201: Public health research report
  • AZA2016: Public policy-making
  • AZA2045: Public relations and the media
  • AZA3031: Public relations campaigns and events
  • AZA3184: Public relations work integrated learning

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