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Units by Title - M

  • AZA3771: Management of community projects: Working preventatively with children, youth and families
  • MGS1100: Managerial communication
  • AZA3432: Managing communication in multicultural organisations
  • MKS5955: Marketing and the international consumer
  • MKS3631: Marketing internship
  • MKS3121: Marketing planning and implementation
  • MKS2420: Marketing research methods
  • MKS3440: Marketing strategy
  • MKS1120: Marketing theory and practice
  • AZA1279: Media and society
  • AZA3717: Medical sociology
  • AZA2723: Methodological issues in the social sciences
  • FIT2081: Mobile application development
  • FIT1044: Mobile communications 1
  • FIT3167: Mobile communications 2
  • FIT3160: Mobile data management
  • FIT2089: Mobile networks