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Units by Title - I

  • FIT1003: IT in organisations
  • FIT1049: IT professional practice
  • FIT2002: IT project management
  • AZA2460: Industrial and organisational psychology
  • FIT3047: Industry experience studio project 1
  • FIT3048: Industry experience studio project 2
  • FIT3031: Information and network security
  • FIT3019: Information systems management
  • FIT3021: Infrastructure for e-commerce
  • MGS3650: Integrated business management simulation
  • MKS2460: Integrated marketing communication
  • AZA3770: Intermediary services in courts: Protecting the rights of the child and youth victim
  • ECS2730: Intermediate macroeconomics
  • ECS2731: Intermediate microeconomics
  • MGS2351: International business
  • MGS5181: International business strategy
  • MGS5966: International business theory and practice
  • MGS5310: International management
  • MKS3444: International marketing
  • AZA1325: International studies 1
  • AZA1326: International studies 2
  • BTS3201: International trade law
  • BTS5919: International trade law
  • AZA1433: Interpersonal communication
  • FIT1047: Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
  • AZA1282: Introduction to criminal justice
  • FIT2093: Introduction to cyber security
  • AZA1001: Introduction to development studies
  • ACS1002: Introduction to financial accounting
  • AZA1306: Introduction to human geography
  • ECS5921: Introduction to international economics
  • MGS1010: Introduction to management
  • AZA1371: Introduction to philosophy: Moral dilemmas and philosophy
  • AZA1308: Introduction to physical geography
  • ETS2410: Introductory econometrics
  • ECS1102: Introductory macroeconomics
  • MGS5000: Introductory management research methods
  • ECS1101: Introductory microeconomics
  • ETS2010: Introductory probability theory
  • AZA3808: Investigative journalism in the South African and African context
  • AZA2040: Issues, crises and social responsibility management

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