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Units by Title - C

  • AZA2455: Child and adult development
  • AZA2763: Child and youth assessment: Risk and protective factors, signs and symptoms
  • AZA4310: Child and youth care policy and leadership: Advocating for the rights of children and youth
  • AZA1285: Child and youth development in South Africa: A person-in-environment perspective
  • AZA1286: Child and youth development: A five-level developmental model
  • AZA2765: Child and youth interventions: Individual, group and community interventions
  • AZA3467: Child justice: Human rights, law reform and socio-criminology of deviance
  • AZA3550: Climatology
  • AZA4721: Communication and media practice applied
  • AZA2012: Comparative politics
  • AZA3010: Competing models of political economy
  • ECS3830: Competition and regulation
  • FIT2033: Computer models for business decisions
  • FIT3165: Computer networks
  • FIT1002: Computer programming
  • FIT2034: Computer programming 2
  • FIT1031: Computers and networks
  • AZA3764: Consulting
  • MKS2402: Consumer behaviour
  • PHH4102: Contemporary and global public health issues
  • PHH3011: Contemporary health challenges
  • AZA2030: Corporate communication
  • BFS2780: Corporate finance A
  • BFS3790: Corporate finance B
  • ACS2770: Cost and management accounting A
  • ACS3750: Cost and management accounting B
  • AZA4430: Counselling
  • AZA2461: Crime and punishment
  • AZA3463: Criminal behaviour in South Africa: A psychosocial approach
  • MGS5640: Cross-cultural management communication
  • PHH2022: Culture, society and health

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