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Units by Code - P

  • PHH1052: Health care systems: Global and local
  • PHH1061: Data, evidence and critical thinking in health
  • PHH1081: Foundations of public health
  • PHH1101: Biological bases of health and disease 1
  • PHH1102: Biological bases of health and disease 2
  • PHH1112: Global health: Opportunities and challenges
  • PHH2022: Culture, society and health
  • PHH2051: Health program planning
  • PHH2101: Health promotion: Global and local
  • PHH2111: Treatments and technologies
  • PHH2141: Analysing patterns of health and disease
  • PHH2142: Research methods in the health sciences
  • PHH3001: Health, law and ethics
  • PHH3002: Health for all in a global world
  • PHH3011: Contemporary health challenges
  • PHH3041: Disease prevention and control
  • PHH3061: Health program evaluation
  • PHH3072: Health policy and politics
  • PHH3082: Health promotion practicum
  • PHH4101: Public health research proposal
  • PHH4102: Contemporary and global public health issues
  • PHH4201: Public health research report

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