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Units by Code - M

  • MGS1010: Introduction to management
  • MGS1100: Managerial communication
  • MGS2230: Organisational behaviour
  • MGS2351: International business
  • MGS2430: Human resource management
  • MGS3130: Organisational change and development
  • MGS3210: Organisational wellness
  • MGS3401: Strategic management
  • MGS3650: Integrated business management simulation
  • MGS3651: Entrepreneurship
  • MGS3991: Leadership principles and practices
  • MGS5000: Introductory management research methods
  • MGS5181: International business strategy
  • MGS5310: International management
  • MGS5640: Cross-cultural management communication
  • MGS5900: Research report
  • MGS5901: Research report: An introduction
  • MGS5966: International business theory and practice
  • MKS1120: Marketing theory and practice
  • MKS2402: Consumer behaviour
  • MKS2420: Marketing research methods
  • MKS2431: Business marketing
  • MKS2460: Integrated marketing communication
  • MKS3121: Marketing planning and implementation
  • MKS3440: Marketing strategy
  • MKS3444: International marketing
  • MKS3631: Marketing internship
  • MKS3881: Electronic marketing
  • MKS5955: Marketing and the international consumer

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