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Units by Code - E

  • ECS1101: Introductory microeconomics
  • ECS1102: Introductory macroeconomics
  • ECS2141: Economics of labour markets
  • ECS2730: Intermediate macroeconomics
  • ECS2731: Intermediate microeconomics
  • ECS3121: Economics of international trade
  • ECS3143: Economics of money and banking
  • ECS3567: Development economics
  • ECS3830: Competition and regulation
  • ECS5921: Introduction to international economics
  • ETS1102: Business statistics
  • ETS1200: Quantitative methods for business
  • ETS2000: Advanced quantitative methods
  • ETS2010: Introductory probability theory
  • ETS2111: Business data modelling
  • ETS2410: Introductory econometrics
  • ETS3410: Applied econometrics