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Foundation Programme Streams

Business and economics

Course code 3674

Taking the business and economics stream in your foundation program, and then our Bachelor of Business Science, could be the beginning of your journey to becoming an accountant (if you choose the accounting specialisation), economist, or roles in marketing and management.

Health sciences

Course code 3670

Health science professionals are in high demand in South Africa, Africa and internationally. The health sciences pathway can begin your journey into our Bachelor of Public Health, and an exciting career in health, health management, non-governmental organisations and development agencies.

Information technology

Course code 3672

Information technology is changing the way we communicate, conduct business, perform science and experience entertainment. With the information technology pathway in our Foundation Programme, and then our Bachelor of Computing and Information Sciences, you can begin your journey into exciting fields like software programming, games development and computer science.


Course code 3675

Law professionals are highly esteemed within communities as they provide legal advice and may present evidence in legal cases. The Law stream in the Foundation Programme sets you up for undergraduate Law studies.


Course code 3671

MSA is introducing a new Foundation Programme Science Stream. Upon successful completion you can articulate into an MSA undergraduate degree.

Social science

Course code 3673

Choosing to study social science in your Foundation Programme will pave the way towards our Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, and a career in fields like journalism, public relations, business analysis, human resources, management, public service, social services, psychology, or teaching.