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MIB enrolment award

Master of International Business Enrolment Award

The Monash South Africa (MSA) Master of International Business (MIB) course will advance your business and management knowledge and give you the skills to operate from a global perspective. Specifically designed for recent graduates and those in the early stages of their career, this degree will build on your undergraduate credentials and further strengthen your business skills.

Total value of the award:

15% tuition fee discount on the first 4 enrolled units. The award does not cover textbooks, stationery, printing costs, living expenses or any traveling costs. Payments are made in the form of an automated credit note to your tuition fee account at the beginning of Semester 2 2018 and Semester 1 2019 for the previous semester. No cash is transferred to the student’s personal bank account.


  • Conditional upon successfully meeting the entry requirements to commence with the Masters of International Business for the first time during 2018.
  • Monash South Africa has received payment for minimum enrolment, upfront for 2018 academic year.
  • Conditional upon enrolling for a minimum of 2 units during each semester.
  • Conditional upon satisfactory academic progression (i.e. successfully completing each unit on the first attempt)
  • MSA account should be in financial good standing (i.e. all fees for the specific unit should be settled on or before commencement of each unit).

Not eligible:

  • Successful candidates receiving the enrolment award are not eligible for other discounts in addition to this enrolment award.
  • Students sponsored by a company/organisation.

To apply:

Withdrawing from your course

If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the financial award.

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