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10% Family discount

If your brother or sister is studying at Monash South Africa (MSA), one sibling is eligible for a 10% discount on the course fees. This 10% discount will be applied to the sibling with the highest course fee charge rate. If you are both studying the same course, you may elect which sibling will receive the discount.


  • Share the same parents or single parent
  • Be enrolled for the foundation or degree programme (at least one of you must be enrolled in a degree programme)
  • Both siblings have an enrolment/load in the same semester
  • MSA account should be in financial good standing (i.e. all fees for the semester should be settled on or before the published payment due date).
  • Apply for the discount

Not eligible:

  • Successful candidates receiving a family discount are not eligible for other discounts/MSA financial awards in addition to this discount.

To apply:

  • Fill in the sibling discount form (pdf).
  • Include proof that you are brothers and sisters (original certified copies of your birth certificates).
  • Submit the application before 31 August 2018.
  • You will need to apply every semester. We will give you a reference number to quote after your first application.

Withdrawing from your course

If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the financial award.

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