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Financing Options

Let us help you – student financing options

Monash South Africa is committed to giving you the best possible learning opportunity. One way that we do this, is by creating a range of financing options available to aid you if you need financial assistance.

Contact the Student Fee Officer

Email: musa-fees@monash.edu
Tel: +27 950 4461 /4494
Fax: +27 950 4323


Foundation Programme 25% Accelerate Enrolment Award

If you enrol for the Foundation Accelerate Summer School for the first time in 2018 before 29 October 2018, you will be eligible for a 25% discount. read more

Enrolment awards – MSA Executive Courses (once off awards)

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Enrolment Award

This programme will equip and provide students with a basic but also deeper insight and understanding of the field of Public Health read more

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Leadership Award

This programme aims to provide learners and their organizations with management and leadership competencies necessary for sustainability and a competitive advantage read more

Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance

The programme is designed to enable understanding, implementation and interpretation of the critical role of corporate governance in business sustainability and economic growth. read more

Financial awards which continue for the length of your course

(linked to specific retention requirements):

MSA Scholarship

MSA is committed to providing learning opportunities for the highest achieving students. To recognise our high-achieving students who are dedicated to excelling academically, by offering scholarships each year. read more

MSA Bursary

MSA is committed to providing learning opportunities for students experiencing some form of disadvantage (financial hardship) as well as academically achieving, by offering bursaries each year. read more

Financial aid options from external organisations

There are also a number of external scholarships and study loan options available to MSA students:

Study loan via Fundi

Monash South Africa and Fundi have partnered to offer affordable, expert educational finance solutions to Governmental employees and their dependents read more

Mandela Rhodes

For more information about the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship visit the The Mandela Rhodes Foundation website at http://mandelarhodes.org/ read more

International River Foundation (IRF)*

For more information about the International River Foundation visit their website at http://riverfoundation.org.au/ read more

Study loan via Educate (Zimbabwe students)

We are passionate about providing information for better career choices and access to finances to facilitate education. read more

Public Investment Corporation

For more information about the Public Investment Corporation visit their website at https://www.pic.gov.za/index.php/bursaries-for-undergraduates/ read more

*International River Foundation (IRF)- Ken Thiess Memorial scholarship – postgraduate research scholarship

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