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Other fees & charges

Fees are reviewed annually

Type Description Fee
Enrolment Academic transcript (1 copy) R 35
Enrolment Late enrolment fee (for the 2016/2017 re-enrolment period) R1,500
Enrolment Reinstatement of enrolment after invalidation R1,000
Administrative Printing (per black & white A4 page) R 0.65
Administrative Printing (per coloured A4 page) R 2
Administrative Printing (per coloured A3 page) R 4.50
Administrative Faxing (per page to a South African number) R 3.50
Administrative Faxing (per page to an International number) R 5.00
Exams Cell phone disturbance during exam session penalty R 500
Fees Bank charges to South African bank accounts refunds (per refund request) R 50
Fees Bank charges on International refunds (per refund request) R 300
Replacement Identity card R 100
Graduation Replacement testamur (To be arranged with Monash University Australia)

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