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Alumni Library Use

Many graduates find that after completing their studies they still need access to the Library for information relating to their jobs, roles in the community or personal interests.

MSA alumni may continue to borrow material and/or remotely access certain databases provided by the Library after completing their course studies.

Membership of our Library and Learning Commons is free for alumni. In order to borrow, you must register as a library user and hold a valid library membership card. Alumni membership terms of access are subject to annual review.

The annual membership for the Monash online database access is AU$85. Alumni can apply directly to the external client services department or online.

Alumni may:

  • Use the on-campus library collections
  • Borrow up to two books for a renewable period of two weeks
  • Seek assistance from library staff members
  • Photocopy library material
  • Access some of the online resources (current charges apply)

Some resources that are in high demand may be available only to registered staff and students. Alumni may not borrow journals but only photocopy them in the library. Some electronic resources may not be available because of licence agreements terms. The use of the photocopying service will be permitted at the going rates.

Steps for alumni to register for library use:
  • Alumni members wishing to borrow books have to apply for a new Alumni ID card at a cost of R200 at the Student Administration Department. You will have to bring along your South African ID document or passport for identification purposes. Please note that the Alumni ID card will not provide access to the campus, only access to Library facilities. Standard sign-in procedures to enter the campus will apply for alumni.
  • After receiving your Alumni ID card, you need to complete an alumni library user registration form at the Library front desk. Library membership is valid for 12 months from the date of application.

Library contact details: