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Academic Innovation Centre

Dream. Create. Inspire

At MSA, we understand that responding to the ever-changing higher education landscape is critical both to our success and to that of our students. The Academic Innovation Centre (AIC) allows us to identify and take advantage of opportunities in this dynamic environment.

The AIC aims to create effective and efficient learning environments that enhance our students’ learning experience. It will become a focal point for conceptualising, promoting, studying and disseminating ground-breaking academic transformation at MSA and beyond. It will bring together both students and academic and administrative staff members to help students reach their potential and foster a hub of knowledge creation and sharing.

The AIC provides a comprehensive, strategic approach to supporting innovations in teaching and learning, including the development of blended, hybrid and online learning environments. In addition, it facilitates the exploration and implementation of ideas for creative and innovative educational programming, and sound academic technologies.

AIC Structure

Research and Development

Responsible for providing support to Research and Development and Staff Development.

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Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Responsible for accreditation matters and quality assurance.

Curriculum Design and Development

Inform the design, implementation and review of new and existing programmes including HBO (Hybrid, Blended and Online) project.

Media Centre for Teaching and Learning

Teaching with technology can deepen student learning. Integrating technology tools can help both students and staff to find creative and constructive ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

Learning Skills Development

We work closely with staff and students to develop, deliver and evaluate generic and discipline-specific research and learning skills programmes. Drop-in individual and small group sessions are available for students.

Community Engagement

Facilitates and supports staff and students to partner with various stakeholders in the region to meet diverse social and education needs through service learning, volunteering, placements, special events and engagement

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Student support, tracking and retention

Responsible for improving student retention, pass rates, success rates and graduation rates.

Orientation and First Year Experience

The transition from high school involves academic, social and environmental change. The AIC will help to ease students into student life through academic, social, administrative and geographic familiarisation.

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