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Campus Protection Services

Photo Staff Member Telephone Job Title
Mr Patel, Afzal Mr Patel, Afzal +27 11 950-4148 Manager, Safety and Security
Mr Chauque, Antonio +27 11 950-4140 Deputy Head Campus Protection Services (Night)
Mr Dube, Edison Mr Dube, Edison   Supervisor Campus Protection Services
Mr Mashau, Michael Mr Mashau, Michael   Security Officer
Mr Mavuso, David   Security Officer
Ms Modimokwane, Constance   Security Officer
Mr Modimokwane, Jacky   Supervisor Campus Protection Services
Mr Mufamadi, Matodzi Mr Mufamadi, Matodzi   Security Officer
Mr Mukhansi, Collen Mr Mukhansi, Collen Security Officer
Mr Muthala, Thomas   Security Officer
Mr Ndebele, Charles Mr Ndebele, Charles Security Officer
Mr Ndlovu, Mthokozisa   Supervisor Campus Protection Services
Mr Rapatsinyana, Richard   Security Officer
Ms Shezi, Anerose Ms Shezi, Anerose Security Officer
Ms Shezi, Lizzy Ms Shezi, Lizzy Security Officer

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