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School of Business and Economics

Photo Staff Member Telephone Job Title Office No Profile
Dr Klopper, HB Associate Professor Klopper, HB +27 11 950-4021

Head of School

Honours supervisor

D2.14 Profile
Dr Niemann - Struweg, Ilse Associate Professor Niemann - Struweg, Ilse +27 11 950-4206

Associate Professor
Head of Department, Marketing

D2.14 Profile
Dr. Koekemoer, Ludi Dr. Koekemoer, Ludi +27 11 950-4068

MBA Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Meintjes, Corné Dr. Meintjes, Corné +27 11 950-4020

Senior Lecturer and MBA Coordinator

Ms Mogorosi, Mpho Ms Mogorosi, Mpho   School Administrator    
Mrs Mpawu, Mpho Ms Mpawu, Mpho +27 11 950-4020  Admin Assistant DG.11  
Mr Bhurtun, Rakesh Mr Bhurtun, Rakesh +27 11 950-4160 Lecturer D2.27 Profile
Ms Bogaards, Marlene Ms Bogaards, Marlene   Lecturer    
Mr Kaninda, Alain Mr Kaninda, Alain +27 11 950-4108 Assistant Lecturer    
Ms Labeodan, Morire Ms Labeodan, Morire Senior Lecturer  
Dr. Mugadza, Tendeukayi Dr. Mugadza, Tendeukayi +27 11 950-4201 Senior Lecturer Profile
Mr Musara, Mazanai Mr Musara, Mazanai +27 11 950-4245 Lecturer Profile
Dr Mwila, Natasha Dr Mwila, Natasha +27 11 950-4340 Lecturer
Ms Nzonzo, Jennifer Ms Nzonzo, Jennifer +27 11 950-4042 Lecturer Profile
Ms Scholtz, Frances Ms Scholtz, Frances +27 11 950-4043 Lecturer Profile

Department of Accountancy Studies

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Ms Odendaal, Karen Ms Odendaal, Karen +27 11 950-4303 Head of Department of Accountancy Studies D2.15 Profile
Ms Varden, Tamarra Ms Varden, Tamarra   School Administrator    
Ms Calvert, Teresa Ms Calvert, Teresa +27 11 950-4174 Lecturer D2.23 Profile
Mr Jordaan, Keith Mr Jordaan, Keith +27 11 950-4148 Senior Lecturer D2.15 Profile
Mr Moyana, Gladman Mr Moyana, Gladman +27 11 950-4311 Lecturer D2.25 Profile
Ms Odendaal, Magda Ms Odendaal, Magda +27 11 950-4159 Senior Lecturer D2.14 Profile
Mr Pilley, Adrian Mr Pilley, Adrian +27 11 950-4029 Senior Lecturer D2.21 Profile
Mr Varachia, Irshaad Mr Varachia, Irshaad +27 11 950-4123 Lecturer D2.24 Profile
Ms Vermeulen, Michelle Ms Vermeulen, Michelle Lecturer

Department of Law

Photo Staff Member Telephone Job Title Office No Profile
Associate Professor Mongalo, Tshepo Associate Professor Mongalo, Tshepo   Head of the Department of Law   Profile
Ms Gweshe, Rufaro Ms Gweshe, Rufaro +27 11 950 4263 Lecturer D2.22 Profile
Mr Chivizhe, Tinaye Mr Chivizhe, Tinaye Lecturer Profile

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