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Saturday School

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Saturday School is a student-run volunteer program that began in 2008. Every Saturday about 55 local school age children from Zandspruit come to Monash South Africa to receive extra academic classes and personalised tutoring from our student volunteers. These children are selected by their school teachers as pupils struggling with basic literacy and numeracy.

By donating their time and energy, student volunteers build confidence and leadership skills while helping towards causes which will make a difference to the lives of our local children.

Who and what we teach

Grade four, five and six

Grade four, five and six learner’s follow our 'Each-One, Teach-One' programme - meaning they get individual attention from tutors in classes focusing mainly on literacy and numeracy skills.

Ulwazi tutoring programme

Since the beginning of the first semester 2012, the Monash Saturday School changed its structure from previous years. The ULwazi programme was introduced following the identification that learners in grades 10-12 would benefit greatly from curriculum specific assistance at their respective schools, in order to develop their skills in a range of areas in a familiar environment. During the week our student volunteers visit Matla High School and Cosmo City School/Oasis to assist with homework and extra lessons. Lessons for students in grades ten and eleven are taught to complement their school classes and computer literacy, art and life orientation expose them to subjects outside their normal curriculum. At Matla grade twelve learners are prepared for success in their final exams, while Cosmo City grade eight and nine learners focus on science, maths, English and accounting.


Twice a year during orientation week we invite new and current students to help us renovate a local crèche. We paint and clean up the crèches so that they're more inviting and inspiring for the children who attend them. For student volunteers these events provide a taste of the volunteering experience.

Literacy for little people

Krishna Khetia Library

In November 2012 Monash unveiled the Monash Krishna Khetia Library. This space provides young people of all ages access to books and resources to boost their learning experience and increase their chances of educational success. The launch was attended by delegates from Monash and the Gauteng MEC of Education Barbara Creecy. You can read more about the Krishna Khetia Library here.

Community Read-a-thon

As part of our commitment to improving literacy skills in our local young people, we will be running a Community read-a-thon. The event is designed to encourage children to read to a parent, teacher or tutor, who will track the number of hours they complete. The child with the highest number of hours will be announced at the opening event of the Krishna Khetia Library.

Getting involved

If you're a school student, teacher, or Monash student and you want to get involved in Saturday School or any of our other programmes, please visit us at the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space.

Community read-a-thon

For the love of reading

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