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Oxfam Placement Programme

What is it?

The South Africa Student Placement Program provides Monash students with an amazing opportunity to gain first-hand experience of international and community development work, through placements with Oxfam and its partner organisations in South Africa.

Over a six-week or semester length placement, students work with Oxfam South Africa or one of its local partners:

  • Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust: An organisation that provides holistic care and prevention services for people affected and infected by HIV and AIDS in the outer-west region of Durban
  • Refugee Social Services: An organisation that supports the refugee and asylum seeker population in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal by promoting protection, social integration and self-reliance
  • Woza Moya: A rural community-based organisation in KwaZulu-Natal, primarily focused on HIV prevention, healthcare and poverty alleviation
  • Project Empower: An organisation that provides training and support to young women to confront unequal gender power relations
  • Justice and Women: An organisation that provides education to communities on women’s rights, and assists women in exercising these rights
  • KwaZulu Regional Christian Council: A capacity-building organisation that strengthens the ability of local churches to deliver poverty alleviation programs
  • Tholulwazi Uzivikele: An organisation that supports community empowerment processes and seeks to address HIV and AIDS

During the application process, students are matched to the organisation where their skills and relevant experience may be of most use and benefit. Students then work with their host organisation in-country to determine how they can best contribute during their time on placement. As such, the roles that students may perform during the program are flexible and varied. In all cases, however, students can expect to come away with a deepened understanding of community development, a greater awareness of issues such as HIV and AIDS, and a range of invaluable skills that can be used in their ongoing studies and future careers.

There are two placement programs available:

  • Summer placements: Summer placements commence on the 5th of January and conclude on the 20th of February
  • Semester placements: Semester placements also commence on the 5th of January, and continue to the 16th of May

Comprehensive pre-departure briefing is provided to all participants, and students are supported by a dedicated staff member in the Oxfam South Africa office. Students also have the opportunity to live and spend leisure time with other program participants, providing a close peer support network throughout the placement experience.

How do I get involved?

To be eligible for the program, you must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or postgraduate student at Monash University, and have completed at least 48 credit points of your bachelor degree. Applications are OPEN NOW and will close on the 28th of September.

A program fee applies for participating students, which covers in-country accommodation, travel and a stipend for food and other living expenses. Confirmed program fees are available in the program briefing document. The costs of visas and flights to and from South Africa are borne additionally by the student.

A small number of scholarships will be available for students with demonstrated financial need, to ensure that the program remains accessible to students of all backgrounds. Additional fee support is also available through Monash Abroad. All relevant details are provided in the briefing document.

For any questions regarding the placement program, please contact Craig Rowe (craig.rowe@monash.edu). 

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