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At Monash South Africa we believe in learning and education as key tools in helping to achieve engagement with our community and its members. The community engagement department facilitates and supports Monash staff and students to partner with various stakeholders in the region to meet the diverse social, and education needs.  We embrace active, committed, co-operative, creative, innovative and mutually beneficial interaction that advance good will with individuals, groups and entities outside of the university, in all sectors of society. By sharing our skills and time with the community (or vice versa) we can make meaningful connections and affect positive change in our world.

We lead by example. Our staff and students are committed to making a difference by applying their skills and knowledge in our on campus community, within our province, in South Africa and the African continent, and the world as a whole.

Our students give back and get more

Through us students can intern with Oxfam, improve literacy skills in our local youth as part of our Saturday School program, or mentor international students to help them settle into life at Monash South Africa, while gaining valuable skills like leadership, delegation and, most importantly, a sense of community and inclusion.

These are some of the projects we're working on right now:

Our projects

  • Monash Oxfam in South Africa Student Placement Program - a partnership between Monash and Oxfam which gives students interning opportunities within Oxfam's network of local community-based organisations
  • Saturday School - this provides local school children access to tutoring and additional resources to help increase literacy levels in our young people.
  • Ulwazi tutoring programme
  • enke: Make Your Mark - an education and networking initiative aiming to reduce inequality in South Africa
  • Christmas in November - an event run by the PVC’s office and Community Engagement at Monash for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Christmas in November event manager, Charmain Caroto gathers presents throughout the year for each child who is invited to attend. In 2012 the event was more special than the previous years as many more children received gifts. The children came from the Monash Residents Philanthropy Group (MRPG) project in Kagiso, the Saturday school programme, Bethany house, Baby Moses and the Cradle of Hope.
  • The president’s award - In 2012 the Community engagement office initiated a partnership with Student development and the sports department to bring the President’s award to Monash South Africa. This is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to assist with the holistic development of students. This organisation recognises the amazing projects that our students are involved in. The mission of the programme is to empower young people between the ages of 14 and 25, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self development that will increase their self esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves in enabling them to become responsible citizens.
    This is an international award open to all students and the students take their knowledge and complete their program upon their return to their home country. The award consists of three main activities, skills development, physical recreation and volunteer hours. The award categories are bronze, silver and gold.
    The patrons and trustees of the award are: Founding patron-in-chief Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Patron-in-chief President Jacob Zuma and Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
    For more information please visit the Alan Finkel volunteer space.
  • Orientation week - Orientation week is an interesting and vibrant part of introduction to university life at Monash South Africa. New students are introduced to volunteering which is an integral part of Monash life. For two days students go and volunteer in Zandspruit where they clean up the streets and paint crèches. This brings excitement and a new lease of life to the children in these crèches.

Shaping the world we live in

Krishna Khetia Library

The Monash Krishna Khetia Library is one of our inspirational community projects. In November 2012 we unveiled a library at Zandspruit primary. Our vision is to improve literacy skills in the children of Zandspruit by providing them with a safe place to develop learning and reading skills, while honouring the memory of Monash South Africa student and volunteering advocate Krishna Khetia.

Please visit the Krishna Khetia Library page for more information about Krishna Khetia, the services and resources available at the libraries and centre, where they are located, and how you can become involved.

Alan Finkel Volunteer Space

In February 2011, Dr Alan Finkel, Chancellor of Monash University in Australia, opened the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space. A space designed to help cultivate the spirit of community and social responsibility already flourishing on campus.

This space gives student volunteers, staff and members of the community a firm base from which to organise various community engagement initiatives on campus. It’s a place to meet, a resource center, and a hub for work shopping current programs and realizing future goals. Community engagement works closely with the MUSASA Community outreach officer to make sure that all clubs and societies comply with the MUSASA club and society policies on campus. The outreach officer is responsible for the running of the clubs and societies. The community engagement office provides training for clubs and societies equipping  them with much needed skills for community work.  Community engagement also has community liaison officers who are based at the volunteer space and assist the clubs and societies in developing relevant community focused projects. If you'd like more information please visit us at the Alan Finkel Space.

Alumni community engagement

Along with current students and staff Monash alumni are also active volunteers. The Monash alumni community engagement initiative teaches members of the community basic computer literacy in English, and the Monash Botswana alumni steering committee initiated a community outreach campaign benefiting the children and staff of Gabane Home Based Care - a pre-school for orphans and disadvantaged children in Gaborone.

Meet the team

Community engagement at Monash is successful because of the dedicated people involved. Why not meet our team.

Getting involved

We have volunteering opportunities available both at Monash and with our external partner organisations. To get involved please contact us or visit us at the Alan Finkel Volunteer Space. If you're a current student, you can log in via the volunteer gateway.

Advertise a volunteer position

If you are an organisation looking for Monash's best and brightest to help with your community engagement project, advertise your volunteering opportunity with us.

Contact us

If you'd like more information about our projects, please visit us at the Community Engagement Office - C6.8, call +27 11 950 4009 or +27 11 950 4310, or send us an email.

Community engagement initiatives

Monash alumni come back and give back

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